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Why Consumers Are Turning to VoIP Services


Many consumers are reintroducing non-cellular phones into their homes to utilize technology via the internet that has been readily available for more than two decades.

In the past consumers were abandoning their telephone service utilized via a landline. Recently there has been an about turn as many consumers are realizing that they are paying more than they need to for international calls.

Landlines and cell phones charge users for each minute used. This can soon add up especially when making business calls. Businesses and consumers have turned their attention to the VoIP market which can help them save hundreds of dollars over the cost of landlines and cell phones.

What is VoIP Technology?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This is in effect the exact same technology used to connect computers to one another via the internet but for telephones. While it is more technical than this the caller’s experience is very much the same as every other telephone caller but at a greatly reduced expense.

Regardless of which cable company you utilize to supply your internet services, you will have the opportunity to include a VoIP service. Many companies will offer VoIP as part of a bundle with your internet and television services as everything is supplied via the same fiber optic cable.

Many consumers turn down the opportunity of a VoIP service at first because they are not aware of what it is. Once they are aware of the benefits, such as the potential cost savings they have it added to their bundled service. The reliability and quality of the service are as good if not superior to that of a traditional landline.

What Are the Potential Cost Saving Benefits?

When a phone call is made utilizing a traditional phone line a line is used by the two callers to communicate. As there’s a limit to the number of lines installed, calls, especially long distance calls via landlines can be very expensive.

These costly calls can be avoided although when the internet is utilized to relay the call. Long distance calls made via a VoIP service can be made free of charge.

Studies carried out to compare the cost of using a VoIP service and a traditional landline have found that users can potentially save up to ninety percent on international calls and up to forty percent on calls made locally.

Vonage Internet Telephony Company is one of the most popular VoIP services due to its strong marketing tactics but it is one of the more expensive options. Vonage is the leading provider of international calling. Many other VoIP service providers only offer their services for use within North America.

A VoIP service may be the ideal solution for you if you want to reduce the cost of having a landline and want an alternative to a cellular phone.

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