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What You Need to Know to Find the Best SUV for You!


Originally sports utility vehicles (SUVs) were developed to be a light truck but have been utilized as a vehicle for families. SUVs were popular in the 1990s but due to weakening economies and rising oil prices, their popularity declined.

The latest trends for the automotive industry show that SUVs are the biggest selling vehicles and have surpassed the sales figures of traditional cars around the world. Consumers are switching from purchasing a car to purchasing an SUV even though gas prices continue to rise.

Some of the reasons for the change in preference by consumers are the desire to take advantage of the space, power, and smoothness offered by the best SUVs. There are a number of different SUV categories and whether you have a large or small family there’s one available to meet your needs.

The following information will help you understand more about the best SUVs available:

Different Types of SUVs Available Today

Subcompact SUVs – These are ideal for families of four as they can accommodate five adults with plenty of space leftover to maneuver.

Compact SUVs – These are ideal when it comes to the overall performance of the vehicle. There’s also a choice of luxury models available.

Midsize two-row SUVs – These have five seats, are fuel efficient, and offers excellent performance. There’s a luxury model available that’s filled with awesome features.

Midsize three-row SUVs – These are spacious vehicles that are capable of accommodating up to seven passengers.

Full-Size SUVs – These have a strong and powerful engine and the capacity to seat eight people.

Off-Road SUVs – These have been developed to handle all types of terrain and contain a number of convertible features.

What to Look for in an SUV

  • Ease of use
  • Fuel economy
  • Comfort
  • Handling
  • Performance
  • Braking

What to Consider before Purchasing an SUV?

  1. Before visiting a dealership create your budget and do your research into the SUVs that fit within your budget. It is important to remain within your budget and avoid being sidetracked by expensive features you may not need.
  2. Make sure you have a good idea of the type of SUV that will meet your needs. The best SUV for you is the one that satisfies your needs.
  3. When you have decided on the SUV you want, contact insurance companies for quotes.
  4. Research the financing options available to you.
  5. Research the finance deals, rebates, and lease specials.
  6. Negotiate a purchase price.

What is the Best SUV for Small Families?

  • Subcompact SUVs or Compact SUVs are well suited to small families and have a seating capacity of four to five people.
  • Among the Subcompact SUVs, you can choose from includes the Mazda CX-3, Subaru Crosstrek, and Honda HR-V.
  • Among the best Compact SUVs, you can choose from includes the Mazda CX-5, Subaru Forester, Honda CR-V, and the Ford Escape.

What is the Price of an SUV?

  • The price you will pay for an SUV will be dependent upon the type of SUV you would like to purchase.
  • The price you will pay can be dependent on the class and model you desire.
  • The price you will pay may be affected by the insurance quotes you receive.
  • A luxury compact SUV can cost more to purchase than a basic mid-size three row.
  • The price range of SUVs is from $21,000 up to $142,395.

What Are the Best SUVs to Purchase in 2019?

  • Mazda CX-5
  • Honda CR-V
  • Mercedes-Benz GLS-class
  • Porsche Cayenne
  • Audi Q7
  • Porsche Macan

What is the Best Time to Purchase an SUV?

  • When a new model will be launched
  • Purchasing a new vehicle at the end of the month can increase your chances of saving money.
  • The opportunity to get the best deal can be higher if you purchase an SUV at the end of the year.
  • When rebates are on offer.
  • Many dealerships offer special deals during Black Friday events.
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