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A Career as an Estheticia


If you are the type of individual who likes beauty and skin care products, did you know that you could have a career as a skin care professional? Estheticians are concerned with the esthetics of the skin, so they train to be able to provide customers with all types of skin care treatments.

From facials to face massages to chemical peels to hair removal, estheticians understand ways to utilize products to make customers’ skin glow.

The following steps will help you develop a career as an esthetician:

High School Diploma or GED

In this day and age, it is difficult to get any employment outside of fast food services without a diploma or GED. Whether you are currently in high school or have dropped out, remember that you will not be able to end up being an esthetician without first getting your diploma. If you have left of high school, think about working to get your GED.

Is Esthetics Right for You?

Before making any big decisions about the next phase of your life, it is essential to first decide if you are passionate enough about skin care to make it your occupation. Think about exactly what you want to be doing day in and day out. Visit a number of different spas and see if you can speak with a licensed esthetician to discover their experiences. Try and discover as much information about esthetics prior to paying money for a course.

Apply For a Vocational Program in Esthetics

Once you have actually decided that esthetics is the field for you, you must register in a program at a beauty school or community college. There are a few different choices in every metropolitan area, however make certain you find a program that is certified by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences (NACCAS). Usually, schools will need your high school transcripts, application submission, picture ID, registration cost, and entrance examination.

Get Your Esthetics Certificate

After you have applied for your chosen program and been accepted, you have to earn your certificate. Esthetics programs generally last for anywhere from six to twelve months. The majority of programs consist of courses on nutrition, theory, physiology, skin analysis, facial treatment, hair elimination, color theory, business management, marketing, and sanitation and safety. Your program will also give you the hands-on training you need to land employment after graduation.

Acquire a State License

Once you have completed your esthetics program, you will need to pass state license exams to get licensed to practice esthetics. Your esthetics program will be tailored towards helping you pass this examination. Usually, examinations will consist of both written and practical elements.

Seeking a Job

Some esthetics programs will provide help with job placements, however aside from that, it depends on you to search for work opportunities in your area. Make use of job search engines and personal connections made during your program to be successful.

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