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The Different Types of Careers for Graphic Designers


Pursuing a career within graphic design is a lot more flexible than it has ever been and the choice of careers within the graphic design profession is substantial. There is a very strong potential for both the tech-savvy designer and the creatively minded marketer.

The following are some of the most popular careers for graphic designers currently available in the expanding field of graphic design:

Multimedia Designers

A multimedia designer uses creativity, art, and design to produce motion graphics. A graphic designer can be employed as a multimedia designer in television or film production, set designs, animations, and audio production. This graphic design profession is highly competitive, and the salaries reflect this.

Web Designers

A web designer designs and develops websites. They establish the site, create websites, and also develop the sites navigation structure. With lots of companies aiming to develop an online existence, graphic designers in this field are in demand. The pay is competitive, and graphic designers can often work freelance.

Creative/Art Directors

Creative designers are in charge of the complete graphic design project. They oversee the work of the creative team to make sure the final product is completed to a high standard. They will make sure that work runs smoothly and the client is pleased with the product. Creative designers will ensure the task is finished on time. A lot of art directors work as freelancers, though there are numerous companies that employ an art director on staff.

Brand Identity Designers

Brand name identity designers are responsible for the production of the visual representation of a business or one of their products. This graphic design career essentially develops a public image of the company. The company’s brand name will appear on all components of the business, such as business cards, sites, and stationery. All businesses require a visual representation that will draw in customers. This suggests that brand identity designers are in high demand and normally experience job stability.

Layout Artists

Layout artists and designers are responsible for the visual appeal of products like magazines. These are graphic designers who ensure that images and graphic information is set up in an attractive and appealing manner. There is constantly a high demand for in-house layout designers in lots of media corporations.

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