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How to Create the Perfect Cover Letter


The first and often the only opportunity you have to impress prospective employers are via your cover letter. Employers see cover letters prior to resumes, and if your cover letter does not give a great first impression, your resume might never have a chance to impress. Thankfully, there is an easy way you can write a great cover letter that will impress your employer and make you stand out from all the other job seekers.

The following are some great tips for creating the perfect cover letter:

Do Your Research

A generic letter works fine if you’re sending a lot of resumes in a given field, such as applying to be a server in a dining establishment. However, you should really research and understand something about each company you apply to. Even if the very best you can state is “I really enjoy your pecan pie” or “Your auto repair shop is the highest-rated in the Boston area,” that shows you did your due diligence and understand something about the company.

Make It Personal

No one likes to receive a generic letter addressed “To Whom It Concerns.” This is where your research is required. Who is making the hiring decisions? How should they be addressed? Your cover letter will most likely be passed over if you address it to the wrong person. Doing this reveals you made the effort to learn who you were dealing with.

Spelling and Grammar Is Important

Even if your cover letter has been formatted correctly, it will not matter if your letter reads as if it were written by a sixth-grader. If required use a dictionary and it is generally a smart idea to presume you have to. Never trust spell-check. If you have good friends who are particularly proficient at writing, ask them to examine your cover letter and edit it. Reading your cover letter backwards is a good way for you to look for grammar and word use.

Do Not Try to Be Cute

Whatever you do, do not use hard-to-read fonts or your preferred fancy stationery for your cover letter. Keep it simple and clear by following this list:

  • Use plain white paper
  • Use a clear font style like Arial or Calibri in 12pt font
  • Use headings that are constant and easy, such as “Experience”.

Easy and direct is finest for impressing a company. You can show off your special personality after you have got the job.

Keep Things Simple

Two or 3 paragraphs is normally sufficient for a cover letter. Paragraph one should present you and your experience. Paragraph 2 informs the employer what you have to offer. The last paragraph tells why you and this specific business are a great fit. Cover letters should only be one page. They are introductions to draw recruiters and managers interest, not books.

Do Not Overthink It

Most people overthink their cover letters or do not put in enough effort. Be positive however not arrogant, and be modest without coming off as shy. You aim is to persuade this employer that out of dozens of applicants, you are the one best suited for them. Trying too hard is worse than not trying hard enough.

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