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Seniors Dental Insurance Options


Your oral health is an essential part of your overall physical health and while some may not consider dental insurance to be important, it is to help maintain your overall health. Research studies have shown that oral health is connected to positive well-being and overall health. For seniors, oral health is more important as they are more susceptible to diseases.

The best choice for seniors is to have an oral checkup every six months and if there are any issues with their gums or teeth to have the issue treated immediately. For some seniors, regular dental care can be difficult as Medicare doesn’t include dental coverage and Medicaid’s cover is limited. The following are the best dental insurance options for seniors:

eHealth Dental Insurance

This is an internet-based company that offers countrywide dental insurance with the option to select the kind of cover you want. A monthly premium is payable which provides minimum cover at least. The minimum cover includes dental procedures such as checkups, regular cleanings, x-rays, along with other general dentistry to maintain good oral health.

There are dental plans available that provide a wider range of coverage to fit your requirements including oral surgery and dental implants. Additional services will incur higher premiums. On the eHealth website there’s an easy to complete online application form, a tool to enable you to compare different plans, and if you require help there’s a plan selection advisor to help you.

eHealth work with some of the top dental insurance providers in the United States of America and you can find the correct coverage for a price that fits within your budget.


This option is an alternative to taking out an insurance policy. Rather than paying an insurance premium every month you only pay an annual fee to be a member. This membership offers you significant savings on dental care. The advantage of this plan is that it gives you the price you would pay for typical dental procedures with the dental discount program. You have the opportunity to select the dental procedures you want to be included in your discounted program and the plan starts immediately.

Careington Dental Insurance

Careington dental insurance is similar to DentalPlans and is partnered with companies such as Madison Dental, Delta Dental, and many others. After paying an annual fee, you select a provider that accepts the Careington discount card, to receive an excellent discount on your dental care. Depending on the procedure the discounts have been reported to be in the range of twenty to sixty percent.

A drawback of this program is the limitation of the providers. If someone is referred to a specialist that’s not within the Careington network the discount will not be applicable. You do have the opportunity to change your provider very easily and utilize the services of any provider that’s part of the network within the United States of America.

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