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Leading Schools for Artificial Intelligence Programs


Undergraduate courses that have a very specific emphasize on Artificial Intelligence are definitely not as readily available as graduate degree courses, however options when it comes to a similar range of qualifications are available. Bachelor’s degrees which have a robotics or computer science focus more often than not come with an Artificial Intelligence element readily available.

A number of academic institutions will also have associate degree courses in robotics, showing that students from all education backgrounds will have an opportunity in regard to getting involved in this interesting area of academic work within some capacity.

Several of the leading academic institutions when it comes to artificial intelligence programs include:


Due partially to its Silicon Valley geographic location, Stanford is an additional school which rates very highly amongst academic institutions that have significant courses within the Artificial Intelligence academic field of study.

This academic institution is noteworthy when it comes to its excellent relationships with sophisticated multinational companies within the local area, plus it has an ultramodern facility which has an artificial intelligence research laboratory which is also the home of more than thirty automatic robots.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology rates very highly amongst schools having courses when it comes to Artificial Intelligence as well as robotics. The institution’s Computer Science as well as Artificial Intelligence Lab is well known with regard to its cutting edge technology as well as the research study possibilities it provides students within its Artificial Intelligence and robotics courses.

Carnegie Mellon

Similarly very highly regarded, Carnegie Mellon provides undergraduate majors and also minors, provides a range of master’s programs within the sector, and also developed the country’s very first doctorate course in robotics.

Carnegie Mellon has been a distinguished pioneer within Artificial Intelligence ever since the sector’s creation, and this academic institution currently makes available various options when it comes to Artificial Intelligence research study over a wide range of programs, increasing possibilities when it comes to continuous achievement for Artificial Intelligence technology.

UC Berkeley

Students at UC Berkeley will have the chance to work together along with additional school groups whilst also learning the main specialties related to the sector. Research study subjects within the Artificial Intelligence field of study within this particular leading academic institution include things like speech and language, robotics, vision sciences, as well as intelligent information systems.

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