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Home / Finance / What Are the Differences Between Company Checking Accounts and Merchant Accounts?

What Are the Differences Between Company Checking Accounts and Merchant Accounts?


Are you a brand-new business startup? You most likely have a great deal to manage, and you are not anticipating hammering out your financial concerns. Even so, you will have to look after 2 items immediately: your merchant account plus your company checking account.

In the event that you intend on taking payments via credit and debit cards and you need to, unless you want to decline clients, you will have to open up a merchant account. You will also want to set up a company banking account that will definitely help make your bookkeeping system a lot easier.

Company Checking Account

A company checking account is utilized to manage business-related costs, for example, lease costs and also utility bills. Company owners need to set up a company checking bank account which is independent from any kind of personal accounts simply because this will stop you from mixing up your own personal finances with your company expenses.

The very last thing you want to have is the Internal Revenue Service on your back, and always keeping company and personal monies apart will definitely reduce the possibility.

When companies make use of a company checking account rather than a personal bank account, owners are able to make it possible for staff members to perform duties, including posting checks as well as making deposits. Company bank accounts have the tendency to come with far better regulations as well as lenient costs for companies (rather than personal bank accounts), despite the fact that banking institutions might modify them any time.

Although a large number of banking institutions will need a regular monthly minimum balance, some may require you to keep a specific amount of deposits or perhaps financial transactions each month. You might have the ability to set up your bank account by simply signing up for internet banking.

Simply by establishing a company checking account, you are helping to make right start for the development of your company. You will have the capacity to take credit and debit card payments, provided that you possess a merchant account to take care of the financial transactions.

Merchant Account

Whenever you set up a merchant account, you are creating a connection with a Visa or MasterCard processor. You are in need of a merchant account in order to handle purchases via Visa or MasterCard. The Visa or MasterCard processor credits the funds directly from the providing banking institution to your company checking account.

The Visa or MasterCard processor can supply whatever you will need to process bank cards; several will likely provide you a POS terminal free of charge, many will allow you rent it, whilst some others will let you purchase it directly from them.

Making an application for a merchant account is rather different from making an application for a company checking account. Processors need to make certain that you will be a dependable customer and certainly not bring about any unnecessary losses.

They will certainly take a look at a number of aspects of you and your company. Do you have a poor credit rating? Is your company in a generally undependable market, for instance, betting or travel? If so, then you might have problem locating somebody who will supply you with a merchant account. If you ever lost a Visa or MasterCard processing service because of breach of contract or even scams, then you will be looked at a risky merchant.

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