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Avoid These Mistakes on Your Resume


Job seekers have less than one minute to impress with their resumes. It has now become more and more crucial to produce a correctly organized and structured resume to hold the attention of any reviewer, specifically in a tough job market.

By understanding the following mistakes made when producing a resume, you can make yourself stand out from the crowd:

Check Your Resume for Typos

Typos are the most significant reason for a resume being dismissed. Make the time to examine your resume once it has been completed, and review it three or four times paying very close attention to each word. Make sure that the spelling is correct, that you have not neglected any words, and have used the appropriate grammar.

It can be hard to evaluate your own writing, specifically if you have just completed it, as you are most likely to read it as you intended. Putting the resume aside for a day and examining it later may help you to catch more errors. Reading the resume aloud is also a good editing technique as it makes the mistakes or awkward phrases more apparent. Many companies will appreciate a good eye for the detail, as having typos in your resume gives them the impression that your work might be sloppy or careless.

Avoid Dull Language

Avoid using dull language as it will be glossed over. Prevent clich├ęs and give details instead. Instead of saying you are a “team player,” describe how you lead or added to a team success. Clearly define the particular capability that you have. This will offer employers an actual sense of who you really are. Refer and use some of the terminology from the original job advert and broaden upon how it applies to you.

Keep Your Resume Organized

Unorganized resumes that are not clear or quickly understandable to a reader do not help job seekers. Put your experiences and abilities near the top of the resume; they are what are most important to potential companies. Ensure the info is arranged rationally and aesthetically using vibrant text and bullet points to differentiate between areas. You don’t want your resume to appear cluttered. When explaining your achievements use action verbs.

Do not make your resume too long. Find the right balance between supplying too much detail about your previous jobs and appearing under qualified. The majority of resumes should be a full page in length; the contents needs to be detailed, yet to-the-point and brief. Do not hesitate to go on to a 2nd page if you have appropriate details to supply, especially if you are a more skilled worker with lots of experience; nevertheless, keep in mind that resumes are not the same as CVs in that they supply an act as an introduction and are not intended to provide the full details.


Do not use the phrase “references available on request”. Similar to the goals section, Human Resource staff already understands this to be the case. This wastes space on your resume that you can dedicate other things. Better yet, merely include contact information for your referrals at the end of your resume. Providing the information shows that you are a proactive candidate who uses initiative. With the references in front of them, businesses are more likely to take immediate action when progressing.

Avoid Including Your Goals

Do not include your goals on your resume. Hiring managers and companies care more about the abilities and experience of candidates. When making an application for a job, both parties assume that the goal is for the prospect to acquire a job. Including this as part of a resume is redundant and simply takes space. By removing it, you will give yourself more space to expand upon your achievements and employing managers will have the more relevant information they require, making better use of their time.

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